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Witness Familiarisation Training – For private lay witnesses in acrimonious family law dispute (Confidential Client)

Client Background

Our client was a was a private individual involved in a protracted, ongoing and acrimonious family law dispute in Victoria. Trial date was listed and fast approaching, and the witness was scheduled for cross examination for one full day.

It was anticipated that the cross examination would be particularly aggressive and personal, and the proceedings more generally would likely be emotive and difficult for the client involved in such sensitive proceedings.

    Training Provided

    Loquitur was able to provide a live, in person witness familiarisation session in person in the Melbourne CBD.  The witness was taught: 

    • Introduction to the court/trial process  
    • Role of a witness  
    • The giving of evidence  
    • Cross examination techniques  
    • Strategies to deliver evidence effectively  

    Additionally, the attendee underwent a series of mock cross examinations based on hypothetical sets of facts in order to better understand and comprehend the materials taught, to practice the techniques taught, and to provide confidence and experience in advance of their upcoming testimony. 

    The witness was given the skills and confidence to deal with cross examination, particularly in respect to such an emotional and personal dispute. 

      “Amazing – everyone who goes to court should do this! If I hadn’t done it I would have had no idea what to do.

      100% worth it”.

      Witness familiarisation – factual witnesses

      Melbourne, Victoria

      Training Overview
      Half day live in person

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