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Virtual Delivery

The virtual age is upon us and we have been quick to embrace technology as a means of providing our training in a manner which is effective, convenient, and of great benefit to users.

While “in person” training remains a key component of how we offer our courses, we also recognise the immense benefits of the virtual delivery of training, something which is appreciated by our clients throughout Australia and worldwide.

Witness familiarisation and training services

The benefits of virtual training include:

    • Flexibility
    • Avoiding the need to travel
    • Time and costs savings arising from this
    • Convenience – the ability to conduct the training from where the candidates wish to
    • Greater reach – remote training improves accessibility to this training both internationally and throughout regional Australia

Having said that, there is still a genuine market for in-person training, and this too offers some benefits which are difficult to replicate in remote sessions. These include:

    • Personal touch – in person sessions add an extra degree of appreciation and familiarity which can be lost remotely
    • Nerves – attending face to face can add an additional level of nerves and pressure, which helps with the “pressure testing” of witnesses
    • Cues and expressions – many of these are lost when sessions are conducted remotely, but they are much more apparent when in person
    • Credibility – It is much easier to judge witness credibility in person
Witness familiarisation and training services

Ultimately, however, it is a balance of practicality and choice when deciding the means by which the session will be presented. Subject to these considerations, we generally suggest that if evidence is likely to be given in person, in person sessions should be arranged, and vice versa for remote evidence and sessions.

In any case, our courses focus on the method of delivery most likely to be undertaken by attendees so they are able to provide their own evidence in the most effective manner.

To find out more information, or to see how we might be able to assist, please contact us.

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