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In-House Training

Loquitur is able to offer bespoke and tailored, specialist in-house training for all expert witnesses and professional witnesses.

Different witnesses have different training needs. For example, the report of an accounting expert witness in a commercial claim will be vastly different from that of a doctor acting as expert in a personal injury case. In the same way, the cross examination of a police officer by defence counsel in a criminal proceeding will inevitably differ from the cross examination of an engineering expert in a civil construction claim.

a.	In-house witness training:  professional and expert witnesses:  Experts, police, fire, health professionals, government employees and public servants, emergency responders;

At Loquitur we understand this difference. And as such we have developed bespoke and tailored in-house training for witnesses. We specialise in the provision of in-house training to agencies, organisations, companies, peak industry bodies and government departments to assist their members, staff and stakeholders to present their evidence confidently and effectively.

We regularly provide in-house training courses and sessions to groups of professionals and experts across all evidence related subject matter. We work with our clients to develop courses specific to their professional and organisational needs, and to address the evidential issues their members are likely to face when delivering their evidence. Loquitur and our trainers also work closely with peak bodies and organisations to help prepare their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training courses on matters relating to evidence and court and tribunal obligations and ethics.

Expert Witness and Professional Witness – In House Training: Experts, police and first responders, public service, health staff

Our internal, in-house training can be conducted in person, remotely, or in a hybrid manner depending on the training needs of the organisation and delegates. Courses can be developed for teaching “live” to groups of attendees, or by way of self-paced online learning for individual candidates.

Through these courses, expert witnesses and professional witnesses can develop the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to deliver their evidence confidently and effectively. This allows for improved outcomes for all individuals, and gives organisations the assurance that their members will be best able to properly and competently represent the organisation and profession.

To see how your organisation, members and staff can benefit from our bespoke and tailored in-house training expertise please contact us now.

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