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How does witness familiarisation help a legal team prepare for trial?
Witness familiarisation is designed to assist legal teams in their trial preparation process. It is a turn-key solution which allows witnesses to undergo a series of detailed and rigorous simulated cross examination without the risk (either real or perceived) of witness coaching. It also saves time in the trial preparation process, allowing the legal team to focus on the specific legal and procedural issues arising. In this manner witness familiarisation seeks to complement, rather than replace, the process of witness proofing by the witness’ legal team.
Does witness familiarisation seek to replace witness preparation and proofing?
No. Witness familiarisation cannot, and does not, seek to replace detailed witness preparation and proofing by the witness’ legal team. Witness familiarisation is designed to complement this process by providing an additional practical training and education which legal teams are ethically unable to provide.
Is witness familiarisation ethical?
Yes. All our materials have been prepared wholly independent of the facts and matters of the proceedings. All our staff and trainers are also completely independent. Additionally, all courses are given by experienced local barristers who are fully aware of the local jurisdictional and ethical requirements and are bound by them.
How much does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on the nature of the training to be provided, the number of witnesses and the experience of the barrister providing the training. Contact us for a discussion of training and pricing options.

Where do you run courses?
In person courses are typically undertaken out of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra and the surrounding areas throughout New South Wales, Victoria, the ACT and Queensland. In-person courses can also be arranged in other areas by appointment.

Live online course via video-link are also available throughout Australia and worldwide.

How long does the course last for?
Typically the training course lasts for one full day, although again this can be tailored to suit the client’s and the witnesses’ needs.
Are courses also available remotely?
Yes. Live courses are available remotely via video link throughout Australia and worldwide.
Are different courses available for expert witnesses and lay witnesses?
Yes. We recognise that the provision of evidence by experts and factual witnesses (lay witnesses) differs. As such, we have developed separate, specifically designed courses for experts and lay witnesses.
How are the courses structured?

Generally, our training is provided over the course of one day. There are two different sessions:

  1. Foundation – Session 1
        a. Introduction to the court/trial process
        b. Role of a witness
        c. The giving of evidence
        d. Cross examination techniques
        e. Strategies to deliver evidence effectively
  2. Practice – Session 2
        a. Mock cross examination session
        b. Videoed for witness, reviewed and analysed
        c. Repeat
Are the costs recoverable?
This is subject to local Rules and the Court, although arguably yes as such preparation is recoverable given that it is necessary and proper for the conduct of the litigation. Furthermore, similar courses in other analogous jurisdictions (e.g. England and Wales) are also recoverable.
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