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Loquitur Instructors

Loquitur’s materials have all been specially prepared by experienced Australian solicitors and barristers.

All materials have been prepared independently of all underlying proceedings, facts and issues.

Barristers training witnesses
Witness training instructors
All of Loquitur’s instructors are also necessarily independent. Our instructors are all practising barristers, experienced in the court process and have undertaken many cross examinations of expert witnesses and witnesses of fact over their careers. Our barristers are also experienced educators, who have provided advocacy and other professional training to other members of the profession throughout Australia and abroad.

As barristers, our instructors are alert to, and governed by, the respective ethical and conduct rules and regulations in their respective jurisdictions.

Our expert instructors are available for in-person familiarisation sessions across Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane and the surrounding areas throughout New South Wales, Victoria, the ACT and Queensland.

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Does Loquitur offer International sessions?

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