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Witness Familiarisation Training – For Lay and Expert Witnesses in large Supreme Court NSW commercial dispute (Confidential Client)

Client Background

Our client was a top-tier Australian law firm with a client involved in a protracted and complex, multi-party commercial dispute. Witness familiarisation training was required for several expert and factual witnesses in advance of an upcoming and lengthy trial.

Training Provided

Loquitur provide a series of live, in person witness familiarisation sessions to all witnesses at the law firm’s offices.  Witnesses were taught:

  • Introduction to the court/trial process
  • Role of a witness
  • The giving of evidence
  • Cross examination techniques
  • Strategies to deliver evidence effectively

Additionally, attendees underwent a series of mock cross examinations based on hypothetical sets of facts in order to better understand and comprehend the materials taught, to practice the techniques taught, and to provide confidence and experience in advance of their upcoming testimony.

    “Well received by the witnesses, and of significant value to them”

    Witness familiarisation – expert and factual witnesses

    Sydney, New South Wales

    Training Overview
    Series of live, in person session at client offices

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