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Our Courses

Our courses are specially designed to ensure evidence is presented to the Court in the most effective way possible.

We do this through the provision of practical tips and strategies to provide evidence under cross examination, and our rigorous mock cross examinations provide a unique and practical opportunity in which these skills can be implemented.

Different courses are available for lay witnesses and expert witnesses.

The courses are generally provided in person although can be provided remotely. Ideally the training is conducted individually with one witness, although in some cases courses can be provided for small groups.

The courses are typically run over one day, divided into two sessions.

1. Morning session – Foundations

a. Introduction to the court/trial process
b. Role of a witness
c. The giving of evidence
d. Cross examination techniques
e. Strategies to deliver evidence effectively

2. Afternoon session – Practical

a. Mock cross examination session
b. Videoed for witness, reviewed and analysed
c. Repeat

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