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Expert Witness Training

The provision of expert evidence to a court or tribunal under cross examination is a specialist skill.

An expert witness providing an opinion in testimony under oath (or affirmation) in a courtroom is a very different experience from providing professional opinions in other circumstances, and can be particularly daunting and difficult for even the most experienced and qualified experts in their respective fields. For this reason Loquitur has developed expert witness training courses specifically tailored to the provision of oral evidence in court by expert witnesses.

Witness familiarisation and training services
Expert witness preparation for trial

Expert witnesses have particular duties to the court (or tribunal) over and above the normal duties of factual witnesses. Furthermore, often expert witnesses are (inevitably) particularly well versed on the technical details of their area of expertise, however in some cases can find it difficult to explain those concepts and share the knowledge, findings and opinions with the judges, barristers and solicitors in the Court. A detailed, rigorous and granular examination of an expert’s opinion contained in their report will be undertaken by the opposing advocate (usually a barrister) and the verbal expression and testing of these opinions and conclusions in a courtroom while under the pressure of cross examination, is a scenario for which it is particularly difficult for an expert to prepare.

Loquitur’s expert witness familiarisation training courses seek to give expert witnesses the confidence, knowledge, skill and ability to deliver their evidence in the most effective way possible. Our courses are specifically tailored to expert witnesses to enhance their courtroom skills and demeanour and to help them deal with:


The specific duties owed by experts to the Court;


Common tricks and traps that counsel use when cross-examining expert witnesses;


Strategies to recognise and counter these; and


Rigorous testing of an expert witness under pressure under mock cross examination.

All of Loquitur’s expert witness courses are conducted by independent and experienced barristers who are well versed in the training of advocates and experts alike. Our barrister-trainers also have many years’ experience in the cross-examination of witnesses (and in particular expert witnesses) throughout their professional careers. They are able to provide experts with valuable insight and advice on how to present their evidence and share their expertise most effectively while testifying. All of Loquitur’s expert witness training courses are conducted ethically, fully compliant with the Court’s guidance on these matters and with relevant statutory and professional requirements.
About witness courses

Loquitur’s expert witness training courses are available for expert witnesses across all jurisdictions and all types of legal proceedings, for expert testimony provided in both courts and tribunals. Training sessions are also available for members of professional bodies and organisations who also regularly give evidence in the courtroom in their line of work. Our courses are suitable for all experts and professional witnesses, including in particular:


Doctors, psychologists, occupational therapists, nurses and other medical experts and professionals;


Accountants and valuers;


Chartered surveyors;


Engineers; and


Scientific and technical experts.

Witness training instructors

Training courses for experts are available in-person in Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane and Canberra and surrounding areas, and elsewhere by appointment. Training is also available remotely by video-link.

Contact Loquitur today to see how our specially designed expert witness training courses may be of benefit for you, or your organisation.

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