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Coming in July 2024
Our online training courses for both lay witnesses and expert witnesses.

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Online Self-Paced Lay Witness Training

Knowledge, understanding and confidence:
Everything a lay witness needs to effectively deliver their own evidence under cross examination.

Online Self-Paced Lay Witness Training Course

Rated 5 stars from other lay witnesses, solicitors and barristers

Gain the Skills and Experience to Deliver your own Evidence with Confidence!

Prepared by practising legal professionals

Presented by practising barristers

Fully independent and ethical

7 day 100% money back satisfaction guaranteed

Trusted by law firms, witnesses and experts
throughout Australia and globally

Who this course will benefit?


Parties to a proceeding who are to be called to give evidence in court


Law firms, barristers and legal teams who have an upcoming trial with witnesses they need to prepare


Companies or other organisations whose staff will be giving evidence (or likely to be giving evidence) at an upcoming hearing


Individual factual witnesses subpoenaed to appear to give evidence in court


Any one who is interested in learning more about the court and evidential processes

Course Learning Outcomes

Following this course, you will:

Understand the court and trial process

Understand the role of a lay witness

Knowledge of the expectations of lay witnesses giving evidence

Knowledge of the characteristics of a good factual witness

Recognition and awareness of common cross examination techniques used by barristers against witnesses

Develop and implement strategies to effectively respond to such techniques

Practical application and implementation of these during mock cross examinations

What does the course cover?

This lay witness familiarisation course is broken down into a series of 10 short modules each covering a series of topics relevant to lay witnesses when being cross examined in court.

The total course run time is about 3 hours, plus preparation and coursework.

Independently prepared and presented by practising legal professionals.

Check out the below for a free course outline and samples of the training.

Module 1 – Introduction to witness familiarisation

  1. Legal and Ethical Obligations
    1. For Lawyers
    2. For Loquitur and Our Instructors
    3. For Witnesses
    4. During Witness Training

Duration – 4.05 min

Module 2 – The Trial Process
  1. Purpose of Trial
  2. The Court Itself
  3. Steps to Trial
  4. As a Witness
  5. Types of Witnesses
    1. Lay Witnesses
    2. Expert Witnesses
  6. Some Practical Points for Witnesses
  7. Witness Preparation

Duration – 15.46 min

Module 3 – Giving Evidence itself
  1. Being Called
  2. Phases of Witness Examination
    1. Examination in Chief
    2. Cross-Examination
    3. Re-Examination
  3. Judge’s Interventions
  4. General Tips on the Delivery of Evidence
  5. How Advocates Prepare to Cross Examine a Witness

Duration – 32.35 min

Module 4 – Cross-Examination Strategies
  1. Closed Questions
  2. Interruptions
  3. Undermining a Witness
  4. Luring you Beyond Your Knowledge or Expertise
  5. Inciting an Argument
  6. “Closing the Gate” – The Logical Snare
  7. Charm Offensive
  8. Dorothy Dixers
  9. Uncomfortable Silence
  10. Rapid Fire
  11. Reasonable Practice

Duration – 29.54 min

Module 5 – Cross-Examination Practical and Feedback

Boxing in the Witness

Duration – 5.54 min

Module 6 – Cross-Examination Practical and Feedback

Witness Concessions and Open Textured Standards

Duration – 10.28 min

Module 7 – Cross-Examination Practical and Feedback

A Charm Offensive Turned Nasty, and Be Wary of Evasive Matras

Duration – 22.03 min

Module 8 – Cross-Examination Practical and Feedback

Dealing with Awkward Facts, and What Would a “Reasonable and Prudent” Person Do?

Duration – 25.42 min

Module 9 – Cross-Examination Practical and Feedback

Careful or Cagey?  And Making Barristers Work! 

Duration – 9.04 min

Module 10 – Cross-Examination Practical and Feedback

“There is No Basis on Your Evidence for That Assertion” and Some Final Observations

Duration – 19.49

Plus bonus support and material:

  • Ongoing support for any queries you might have
  • Discounts on live, in-person and in-house training offerings, and bespoke tailored offerings where appropriate.
  • Access to our detailed scenario training materials

Note this course does not cover the specific details of your legal claim nor the details of your evidence. We are legally and ethically prohibited from discussing this with you – that is for your legal team and we do not and cannot give legal advice.

When should you do this course?

Ideally this course should be done about two months before any trial date is listed.

If the course is done too far in advance of the trial date there is a risk that the matter will settle. By doing closer to the trial date this risk can be mitigated.

Doing this course about two months before the trial date will allow the witness to more deeply consider their own evidence in the context of the case, and will allow the witness and their legal team to more thoroughly prepare the witness in respect of that witness’ own evidence.


The cost for the course is $585 + GST (where applicable) per witness.

All bookings have the benefit of our 7-day 100% money back guarantee – no questions asked. Try now, you have nothing to lose.

If of interest, check out the free samples of our courses, above. You can be sure of what you are getting.

Group discounts are available, as are corporate/organisation/law firm discounts for regular users – please contact us to discuss pricing.

Join the 1000s of others who have benefited from our training

About Loquitur

Loquitur is Australia’s leading witness familiarisation and witness training organisation. We offer a series of courses to all witnesses across all jurisdictions on how to effectively deliver their own evidence.

Crucially, we are completely independent. We are not involved in your proceedings and are thus best placed to offer rigorous, ethical training.

As part of our training offerings we noticed one service was decidedly lacking – an online, self-paced course for lay witnesses to better understand the fundamentals, complexities and practicalities of the delivery of evidence to Court.

And that is why we worked with a series of practising solicitors and barristers to develop and present our online lay witness training course – to take the uncertainties out of the court process and to better allow witnesses the chance to express their own evidence in Court under cross Examination


What is the total course duration?
The total course duration (10 modules) totalling approx. 3 hours of teaching time, plus coursework and preparation (approx. 2 hours)
Can I re-watch and review parts of the course or specific modules?
How long will I have access to the course for?
6 months from date of order
How much does the course cost?
[$585 + GST]
When should the course be undertaken?
About two months before the trial in which you are due to give evidence
Is this course suitable for witnesses in non-Australian proceedings?
Yes, it is. While we obviously focus on the Australian legal system, the fundamentals of evidence and cross examination are similar across many jurisdictions and witnesses from those jurisdictions will still get great benefit from undertaking the course.
Is Loquitur independent?
Yes, Loquitur is fully independent of any underlying proceedings which a witness may be engaged in
Who prepares and presents the training?
Our materials were prepared by a select group of practising solicitors and barristers, many of whom actually teach junior barristers advocacy and cross examination. The course itself is also presented by a practising barrister.
Are costs recoverable in the proceedings?
This is subject to local Rules and the Court, although arguably yes as such preparation is recoverable given that it is necessary and proper for the conduct of the litigation. Furthermore, similar courses in other common law jurisdictions (e.g. England and Wales) are also recoverable.
Is the training ethical?
Yes. Of course. All our materials have been prepared wholly independent of the facts and matters of the proceedings, and Loquitur itself is also fully independent of any legal proceeding. Additionally, all courses are given by experienced barristers who are fully aware of the jurisdictional and ethical requirements and are bound by them.
Is this course suitable for expert witnesses?
This course is aimed at lay witnesses. We have a separate series of online courses for expert witnesses
What is the aim of this course?
The aim of this course is for lay witnesses to develop the skills and understanding necessary to effectively and confidently deliver their own evidence under cross examination.
Does this replace witness preparation I will do with my legal team?
No. Witness training courses cannot, and does not, seek to replace detailed witness preparation and proofing by the witness’ legal team. These courses are designed to complement the legal team’s preparation by providing an additional practical training and education which legal teams are often unable to provide for both ethical and practical reasons.
Can I discuss my actual evidence with you?
No – we do not know and cannot know your specific circumstances nor the details or issues in any litigation you are involved in. This is the sole remit of your legal team who will advise you on this.
Are discounts pricings available for groups?
Yes, please contact us to discuss
Are corporate/law firm access packages available?
Yes, please contact us to discuss
How does the 7-day 100% money back guarantee work?
Simple. If after you have signed up you are not 100% satisfied with the course, let us know within 7 days and we will give you your money back, no questions asked!
Can I sample the course material for free?
Yes, of course. See the videos above for free extracts of the actual training.
How do training courses help a legal team prepare for trial?
Witness training courses are designed to assist legal teams in their trial preparation process. They are a comprehensive, turn-key solution which allows witnesses to undergo a series of detailed and rigorous simulated training (such as report writing or cross examination) without the risk (either real or perceived) of witness coaching. It also saves time in the trial preparation process, allowing the legal team to focus on the specific legal and procedural issues arising. In this manner witness training courses seeks to complement, rather than replace, the process of witness proofing by the witness’ legal team.

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