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Fire and Safety Engineers – Expert Witness Report Writing Training

Client Background

Basic Expert is an independent, privately owned consulting firm specialising in forensic engineering, fire engineers and building safety. Basic Expert provides technical facilitation to assist property owners and property managers address:

  • Building Orders and Notices
  • Building surveyor inquiries from local authorities and councils
  • Technical advice and expert witnesses for disputes
  • Reports and concerns with respect to fire safety

Training Provided

Loquitur provided a half day “in house” training session to the Basic Expert team live, in person at their offices in Melbourne. 

Topics covered included:

  • Fundamentals of drafting expert reports, such as:
    • Rules of Expert Evidence
    • Receiving instructions
    • Privilege
    • Legal and ethical obligations
    • Drafting your report
    • Involvement of Solicitors in Drafting
    • Conclaves
    • Challenges to a report
    • Some helpful tips and tricks
  • Practical review and analysis of sample expert report

“The training was great. A great instructor who went through everything we wanted, including how our evidence fits into the court process. We had heaps of questions and these were answered really well”

Fire and Safety Report Writing Training

Port Melbourne, Victoria

Training Overview
Half day in person expert witness training – report writing

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